Show Types

All shows listed below are one hour long.

Theme / Continent Specific Shows

Extremely educational, interactive, and detailed! We offer short stories mixed in with education to help children internalize their learning. We play games and have lots of question and answering throughout.

Our Theme specific shows are incredible. Whether it be the East African Kenyan Sand Boas to the Mali and Nigerian Euromastyx in our Desert Themes to a Vast array of tropical and Rain Forest reptiles like the beautiful Brazilian Rainbow Boas and Asian Timor Monitors, we don’t think you’ll find a better more informative show around.


If continent-specific themed shows aren’t what you are looking for, perhaps you would be interested in our show on Dragons! This fun show captures the audience’s imagination with lizards from around the world. Some of the dragons you may see include: Terrestrial terrors like the African Nile and Savannah Monitors to the tiny Gould’s monitor found in Australia. Or maybe we’ll surprise you with monsters like the Asian Water Monitor or the Great Argentine Tegu, both reaching upwards of 7 feet long!!!

Genetics and Colors

Q. What if I have younger children, or advanced kids?
A. Then, we have you covered there too!

Colors Theme for K and Pre-K. This show is for younger children. It covers all the colors reptiles have to offer with great visual aid. We use everything from albinos, to pastels, and hypomelanistic. Colors include, vibrant greens, pastel purples, bright reds, oranges, blues, and yellows.

Genetics Theme for the science buffs. Introduction to genetics discussing punnet squares, phenotypes, and genotypes using the visual aid of reptiles. Example: genetic morphs of corn snakes, pythons, and boas. This is an introduction class and is really geared toward students that are just learning genetics for their first time.

If you’re still concerned about children getting an education from all this fun we stick to a strict Life Science regiment. All school-age shows cover topics from the following state and city standards:

  • New Jersey Standards and Assessment
  • Pennsylvania Academic Standards for Science and Technology
  • Delaware Science Content Standards
  • Maryland Voluntary State Curriculum
  • District of Columbia Public Schools Learning Standards
  • Virginia Science Standards of Learning