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Colors show  (length of time 30 minutes):

This show is for younger children. It covers all the colors reptiles have to offer with great visual aid. We use everything from albinos, to pastels, and hypomelanistic. Colors include, vibrant greens, pastel purples, bright reds, oranges, blues, and yellows.

Standard show (length of time 1 hour | maximum audience 80):

  • Desert Themes
  • The Wetlands
  • The Rain Forest / Tropical
  • The Americas
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Reptiles Around the World
  • Dragons

Genetics show (length of time 1 hour | maximum audience 100):

Introduction to genetics discussing punnets squares, phenotypes, and genotypes using the visual aid of reptiles example: genetic morphs of corn snakes, pythons, and boas. Build a genetics show!!!

We offer two types of Genetics Show:

  • Introduction to Genetics: this class and is really geared toward students that are just learning genetics for their first time.
  • Advanced Genetics: this class is geared toward students with a basic understanding of genetics.

School (length of time school day | maximum audience entire student body):

This particular program is an extremely affordable program that helps to allow your entire student body experience this program.